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These trees bear healthy fruits that norns will love to eat!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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The apple tree will give off one fruit at a time. The apples will reduce tiredness and hunger, while raising starch and glucose. Created by J. Martin.
This neat bonsai vendor will randomly dispense eight different kinds of trees. For that authentic Asian feel! Created by Spotling.
On this cherry tree, those cherries your norns love so much grow in unlimited supply. Created by Matthew Hayes of The Norn and Grendel WorldSite.
This grapevine will grow bunches of tasty grapes that reduce hunger and increase vitamin C! The vine will appear across from the tomato plant, next to the wishing well. Stefan Kuske.
This orange tree gives norns a boose of glucose and glycogen, while reducing tiredness as well. It is also moveable. Created by J. Martin.
The Orange tree will be appear on the dock above the submarine cave. Only one orange will grow on the tree at one time. There can be up to 10 oranges in the world before the tree will stop making more. Created by M. Boehler
This peartree will sprout from a seed, and grow to be taller than the piano (which it grows near). To make the tree bear fruit, you MUST have Cyberlife's bees and hive upgrade and cloud butterflies, as bees and butterflies pollinate the flowers which bear fruit. The Beelacanth flowers provided by Cyberlife will draw the bees to the pear tree. ** Head over to AmberCreatures and Click on the "Agents" menu item. From there head to C1 objects, and you'll find all of these things and more in the Object Packs! Created by Daniel Smallman.
This little tree of health will surely live up to its name. Created by Spirit.

| Flowers | Herbs | Ornaments | Plants | Trees |

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