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Here is an ecclectic collection of objects and upgrades to fix up Albia, or make the game that much easier. These upgrade objects will hopefully improve on their existing counterparts in the game. It is more important than ever that you READ THE READMEs!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

The original bees gave norns a spike of fever toxin and pain. This has been changed to give norns a boredom decrease, and relief of pain. Created by Spotling.
This carrot upgrade will infuse existing carrots with glucose, and will now cause a decrease in tiredness rather than an increase. Created by Spotling.
This carrot patch is a great source of food for the lighthouse-end of Albia. Upon injection, a new carrot patch, complete with six carrots, will appear next to the Laburnum plant (Across the way from the tomatos!). Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle.
This cob will change the clock so that it chimes when pushed. It has no other effects on creatures than it did before. Created by M. Boehler
Coconuts used to painful to crack, but now they relieve boredom. Created by Spotling.
This Cob puts 3 shelves to the left of the stove. The purpose is so you can put things away instead of having a mess in Albia. Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
Upon injection, this cob will fill all seven honey pots. Created by Alexander Laemmle.
The original cave flies have been changed from nasty little bugs to enjoyable insects. Created by Spotling.
The garden is a place under the island where norns can eat without having to travel all the way back to the garden. Provides tasty strawberries, apples, and much more. Created by Chris Aliotta.
Garden Shelving
This puts a shelf in the garden it will be circled until you close Creatures. Created by Chris Aliotta.
Do you dread resetting your world because you have to reset all your "Favorite Spots"? Well, dread no more. Here are five booklets of tickets to good places. Use one, adjust the view to your liking, and set the spot. Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
This is the bee hive above the incubator and upgraded too, but the hand cannot activate it.Only the norns of Albia can shake it!This hive can be carried anywhere by the hand while norns can't.Well that's a draw between you and your norns (nobody's at a disadvantage)! Created by Philip.
It will create two new rooms which will allow you to place objects on the shelf by the hootch still and on the table in the kitchen. Created by M. Boehler
Norn Lifter
This cob will allow the hand to lift norns up and drop them, in much the same way that a toy may be picked up. Created by Ping.
This remover will remove ANYTHING it is pointed at. Be careful, though: Once removed, objects cannot be replaced! Read the README! Created by M. Boehler.
This cob allows the hand to move the distillery (hooch vendor). Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
The Sheif
This COB installs a 26th Room in Albia. This room will appear above the incubator, outlined in pink. You may store items there and the norns cannot reach them. The pink outline will only be visible until the first time you close Albia. The room, however, will still remain. Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
The weed hider makes ordinary weeds invisible to Norns and Grendels, so that they can't be eaten. It doesn't delete them outright, in case you'll want to restore them later. Created by Lee Gaiteri of The Norn Underground
The weed killer is simply a script that, when injected into Albia, will eliminate all the weeds in existence. WARNING: The effect of this script is irreversible! If you want to maintain the weeds, just in case, back up your world. Created by NoRnGaL. Further modifications completed by Lee Gaiteri of The Norn Underground.

Norntropolis is hosted by Albia 2000 and is maintained by Erin MacMillan.