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Grendel Bob's Mover Cobs!

Hey youse, it's me: da one, da only, Grendel Bob! Have I got da best deals on movers or what? Check out da selection, da quality! Make sure youse take home a mover today!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

Neato! A fun balloon for your norns to travel gracefully across Ablia in. Also includes patches for the black holes in Albia. Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
This handy map cob will take the hand anywhere the map is clicked on. Handy for those hard to reach places, like the oceans, the cable car above the garden, or the lighthouse. Created by Brad.
This cage is classified as a mover, hence it has been placed here. Useful for keeping naughty norns and grendels from any trouble. Created by Brad.
Another mover, this Ferris Wheel is meant to be fun for your norns, but also words as a six-creature cage. Muahahaha... Created by Brad.
This helecopter will zip norns across Albia in no time flat. Quite noisily, too. Created by Brad.
A neat mover that will rotate destinations, those being: (G)arden, (T)reehouse, (I)sland, (H)oney, (B)oom, (S)till, and (C)omputer. Created by Brad.
A soap bubble for your norns to travel Albia in. Uses wind currents to drift from left to right, and vice versa. Be careful, there is a point above the Statue of Nornity where things go in and never come out... Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
Whee! A fun and fantastic shortcut to the hives, from the garden! Created by Brad.
For those who like classic cars, a neat Volkswagon Beetle for creatures to putter around in! Created by Brad.
Hehe, the original shaggin' wagon. I think it's only purpose is to move creatures, this time, though! ;) Created by Brad.

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