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Pest Control

Having problems with a nasty grendle? Or are your norns running around like they own Albia? Fear not, we've got a wide selection of pest control cobs for hands everywhere. Even better, there's no need for a big circus tent over the incubator room. ;)
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

This force field will keep norns (painlessly) quarrantined when they are ill, separated from the grendle, and much more. Created by Ben "Sparrow" Wright.
A tremendously handy grendel selector button. Just click, and the grendel is selected. Created by Matthew Hayes of The Norn and Grendel Worldsite
Grendel Selector
Another selector, in case the first caused a conflict. Created by Lee Gaiteri of The Norn Underground.
If you want to do away with the grendel in your world, here's a grendel killing machine. The machine cannot be used by norns, and will self destruct upon use. Created by Stefan Kuske
If you want to do away with the grendel permanently, here's the grendel toxin, which will destroy the grendel mother. Included is a reanimator, though, incase you miss the brute :) Created by Stefan Kuske
'Grendel Good'
This cob will make the grendel good. I'm not sure how it works, but it sounds neat! If you get tired of a nice grendel, there's an undoer included. Created by Kinnison.
Grendel Guard
The ultimate in Grendal Control! The grendel guard long-lasting protection against grendals. Once a minute Albia will be scanned for grendals. If one is found, you will be taken there to observe it's demise. Created by Sandra J.G. Linkletter
Grendel Machine
Fed Up with Your Grendel Machine Making only Male grendels? Well this cob is your solution! With it you are able to choose the gender of grendels before they are born in your world. Created by Kinnison.
Grendel X Bar
One bite of this grendel x bar will send your grendel to his maker. Created by Sandra J.G. Linkletter
Ok, ok, so you don't want to *kill* your grendel.. you just want him out of your sight. Here's a humane grendel trap that can only be activated by a grendel, never a norn. Created by Sandra J.G. Linkletter

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