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Pet Shop

Is your norn bored? Lonely? Well, we've got a WIDE variety of virtual pets for your virtual pets! :)

**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Some of these ants tickle, and some sting! Watch out, or they'll eat everthing! Created by Stefan Kuske.
This feisty appaloosa stallion will gallop back and forth across Albia. Created by Spirit.
Benji is a happy dog that will run back and forth across Albia. Very similar to Mark Boehler's Doggy, except that Benji looks different, and barks more. Created by Spotling.
A beautiful unicorn whose design comes from the author's personal artwork collection! Created by Spirit.
Perhaps the cutest thing you'll ever see on your computer screen, next to your norns. This cat is a living creature and needs to be fed and taken care of, or it will die. Created by Daniel Smallman.
This cow makes a great companion, and will fill up empty milk bottles you have in Albia. Created by Daniel Smallman.
This crocodile lurks just under the area by the boat port on the submarine-bay side of the ocean, watching for unsuspecting norns. Created by Ali Maggs of Albia2000.
This is the *original* doggy, on which Spotling's Benji was based. He will run across Albia, becoming yet another distraction to your norns. ;) Created by M. Boehler
Dragonflies are very good nutrition, but they taste bad. Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
Quack! This duck has no effect on norns, but it *may* cause the hand to laugh excessivly.. well wouldn't you? I mean, just look at it...! ;) Created by Stefan Kuske.
The Edible Blob is similar to Mark Boehler's Doggy except the Blob is edible. Created by Spotling.
The Elephant will eat *everything* - well, carrots, and any drinks from Dr§mile. A good way to dispose of any unused drinks! Created by Dr§mile of The Norn Hospital

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