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Pet Shop

Is your norn bored? Lonely? Well, we've got a WIDE variety of virtual pets for your virtual pets! :)

**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Neko used to chase the mouse pointer.. now he's the one being chased! Adorable to watch, and fun for norns too. Created by Philip.
A pretty parakeet for Albia! Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
Here is a cute little flying pegasus My Little Pony. Show your norns how to be graceful! Created by Philip.
A cute pet for your norns to love, cherish and tickle. Even better, it doesn't need feeding, so you won't have to nag them constantly. :) Created by Helen.
This cob injects 7 little caterpillars which will crawl around until they eventually turn into butterflies. These are really beautiful, and norns just love them! Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle.
Two baby sea ponies that are similar to the carrot beetle, only they spin with more elegance. Created by Philip.
Sick of caveflies invading your albia, but are loth to use environment harming insecticides? Well, here's a spider and web that will safely and neatly remove caveflies from the game! Created by Stefan Kuske.
This sponge is loved by norns of all ages! Makes noise when it's picked up or pushed. Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
The Yellow Idae fly packs a mighty wallop. It will kill the Cavefly, then die. Both flies will be replenished, so it becomes a never ending cycle. Also, these flies will heal norns stung by the cave fly, by infusing them with antibodies! Created by Dr§mile of The Norn Hospital.
These Zinger Blue butterflies use exactly the same class number as the Cloud Layer butterflies, so both can co-exist in one Albia. They may even cross breed! Created by Darcie Clements.

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