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Pet Shop

Is your norn bored? Lonely? Well, we've got a WIDE variety of virtual pets for your virtual pets! :)

**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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The original fish and bowl from Creatures One, only portable. Author Unknown.
There are two flying ponies in this cob, which will breed (Or so I'm lead to believe) and create an interesting half-breed. Created by Philip.
A cute green little froggy critter! Makes a delicious snack for passing norns. Created by Helen.
This goat is very similar to the cow, except that it produces goats milk. Upon being drunk, the milk will raise a norns health into the 90's! Author Unknown.
Aww! An adorable hamster pet for your creatures. Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
Cob will inject 6 hoppity frog eggs into Albia, near where the raft docks under the piano. Eventually these will grow into fully grown frogs, which will eat caveflies and bees. These frogs will die, but will be replaced by new ones, so Albia will always have 6 frogs, at different stages of life. Created by Daniel Smallman.
This is Pogo, the boxing Kangaroo! Created by SteerPike.
This kitty cat is based on Mark Boehler's doggy, with the obvious difference being that it's a cat. Created by Spotling.
The Komodo dragon is also similar to Mark Boehler's doggy.. again, with the difference being appearance. Created by Spotling.
This fun and curious llama will bring enjoyment to all norns and grendels. Created by Ali Maggs of Albia2000.
The praying mantis will amuse your norns as he runs back and forth at a hurried pace. Have fun squishing this little guy! Author Unknown.
The mouse frightenes some female norns but also gives them some pleasure! Created by Stefan Kuske with graphics by Nemes Zoltán.

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