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No Scrolling
Scrolling is when someone types line after line of garbage, or makes really long lines of text that take up many lines. An op may kick or gag a user who is scrolling without warning. "Hiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" can also be considered scrolling.
No Shouting
Shouting is when someone types IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It's okay to emphasize a word every once in a while by using all caps, but not for an entire sentence.
No Stat Questions
A stat question is something along the lines of "A/S/L", "how old are you", "where do you live?", etc. You may ask someone one of these questions in a private message, but not to everyone in the room.
No Polling
Polling is when someone says something like "everyone who hates trees press 43". Any question that is directed to everyone in the room and demands a certain response can be considered a poll.

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