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The Salon

Welcome to the Love Shack of Albia.. We've got all your breeding needs covered with our selection of fertility infusions and breeding tools.
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

This cob will inject all the original hatchery eggs into Creatures, without the use of the Hatchery. Created by Alexander Laemmle.
This cob has the same effects as the ugly tomato; only it´s more efficient. It´ll reduce the sex drive of your norns and stop them from producing unwanted babies.! Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle.
This breeding booster allows infrertile norns and even grendels to breed, by replacing a missing chemical. Created by Darcie Clements.
This COB injects a Banana into Albia. Banana's are aphrodisiacs, so give them to norns that don't want to breed. Created by Daniel Smallman.
This magazine will make adult norns fertile. If it is picked up by a young norn, it will give them amusement. Created by Mari J. P. Söderberg of Creatures Comfort.
This little faery has powerful aphrodesiac qualities that make your norns want to mate. Created by Spirit.
This pregnancy toolkit provides the hand with an egg pauser/unpauser, full-term infusion, c-section, and a bonus fertility infusion. Created by Lee Gaiteri of The Norn Underground.
This is a set of two injections, one for the males, and one for the females. It will make your norns fertility rise greatly. Created by Spirit.
This sex drive injection is a BIG boost for your norn's sex drive - over +1000 sex drive increase! Created by Amanda Cobb
This cob is a handy combination of XTC and the Breeding booster, making sure Norns are happy and horny at once! Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle.
The Pill tries to stop the sweet norns from making babies. It raises the progesterone of all female norns with life force greater than 90%. Therefore it can't be used with 'holo doc' at the same time. Created by Alexander Laemmle.

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