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The Electronics Shop

Here you'll find a few fun electronics cobs for Albia (good luck finding an outlet though!) For those who have visited the older version of NT, you'll notice that the vendors and various other cobs have been moved to more appropriate sections (Food vendors to the grocery store, etc.).
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

Now you're norns can play with norns too! A cool computer for those who want to see creatures run at it's *normal* speed :P Created by Ali Maggs of Albia 2000.
Hot enough for ya? Not if you've got the electric fan to cool you down! Created by Stefan Kuske.
The original fridge that some of you may have seen in the Creatures One tutorial. The sprites are included with the game, now here are the Object files to place a real fridge in the kitchen! Ceeated by Mark Boehler
Oh, so now you're *too* cool? Well, here's a toasty space heater to warm you back up again! Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter.
Ok, want to be really hot? No, it's not a heater, its an ultra-hip(!) moodlight! Created by Brad.
Alright, so the moodlight didn't do the trick. We've got just the thing to make your norn the coolest in Albia: A television! In colour and with great reception, too! Created by Stefan Kuske Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
TO BE USED ONLY WHEN THE TV IS INSTALLED! A VCR! Plays movies for your norns! Created by Stefan Kuske Graphics by Nemes Zoltán

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