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Welcome to Norntropolis, a complete Creatures One Resource

Thank you, to HuffaMoose, for this lovely animation! :)

    We've currently moved servers from Angelfire to Ali Maggs' Albia 2000. You'll notice that there are no longer any pesky pop-up banners - rejoice! I'm also in the process of streamlining our old content, to make NT a faster, handier site for gamers everywhere. If you get confused with our new layout, check out the super handy Directory, where you'll find a complete list of areas, cobs, and norns hosted here at Norntropolis. Enjoy your stay in Norntropolis!

**We are currently still in the process of uploading content. Most of the Cob Shops and Community Links work. Other pages will be uploaded shortly. Sorry for any incovenience... we're working hard to make Norntropolis more helpful than ever!**

New! The Petshop and The Salon are the last two cob sections to to be uploaded! The Cob Shops are COMPLETE! Yay!
New! A new cob, The Tickling Feather, has been added to the Toy Shop!
New! AmberCreatures Forums and Creatures Incorporated Forums have been added to the list of Creatures Community Forums!
New! The Greenhouse and the Upgrades pages have been uploaded!
New! Grendel Bob's Mover Cobs page has at last been uploaded!
New! Treesprite's Creatures Grove Forum has been added to our growing list of Creatures Community Forums!

Norntropolis is hosted by Albia 2000 and is maintained by Erin MacMillan.