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Garden Ornaments

These beautiful ornaments would look wonderful in any Albia.
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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"Aphrodite" The greek godess will be placed on the island where she will over look the ocean and add class to your world. Created by Philip.
This bridge will connect the two cliffs surrounding the waterfalls. It is a beautiful object, and also decreases bordem, and increases the distance a norn can see when riding it. (You'll see for yourself!) Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle.
This bush is not for eating, but for touching. One brush of it's cozy petals, and your norns will almost instantly fall asleep! Created by Philip.
Here is an elegant Pink Flamingo to grace the garden. It will give norns a decrease in Boredom and NFP (Need For Pleasure), and an increase in Reward and Sex Drive. Created by Martha Brummett.
A beautiful ornamental fence, decorated with lovely little flowers! Created by Spirit.
Grendels are better in marble, anyways! ;) Created by Matthew Hayes of The Norn and Grendel WorldSite.
Eek! A frightening, massive Jack-O-Lantern to scare norns on halloween! Created by Spirit.
Want a more comforting Jack? Spotling's created this little guy! Created by Spotling.
An interesting Laokoon statue for those art-collectors amongst your norns. Created by Stefan Kuske.
A rain storm which will travel across Albia. The raindrop make your norns feel cold, so you might want to keep them indoors! Created by Markham Carroll.
An interesting statue of the Greek female writer, Sappho. Has strange effects on your norns when pushed. Created by Martha Brummett.
As a dedication to the ancient Shee that left Albia long ago to find a more three-dimensional world, this statue will site in the garden of Albia so all Norns that pull carrots from the ground can look up and remember why they are alive today. Created by Ali Maggs of Albia2000.
The fountain of youth cob is a shower object. It has many effects, the same as XTC for those of you who are familiar with it. It will raise the norn or grendel's health to hi 90's. It will usually put a smile on their face. All they need to do is push it. Created by Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World

| Flowers | Herbs | Ornaments | Plants | Trees |

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