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Pretty Flowers that Also have helpful qualities!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Pretty blue flowers that will grow just about anywhere and have incredible medicinal and nutritional benefits. Created by Helen.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Can you and your Creatures find a Four-Leaf Clover in the Clover Patch?. Created by Spotling.
Eurgh! Golden rod! Hopefully it doesn't give your norns bad allergies like it does for me! Created by Spirit.
A pretty orchid plant that's good for your norns. Created by Spirit.
This cute little love plant will increase the sex drive and the lonliness of your norns, thereby increasing their desire to mate. Created by Philip.
The popping impatiens ecrease tiredness and boredom, and are fun to pop! . Created by Spotling.
A clump of pretty flowers! Created by Spirit.
A lovely red clover plant. Created by Spirit.
The Schnuffle Herb will decrease the hunger, pain, NFP, and tiredness of any creature who eats it. Created by of Albia2000
Creatures could get sick from eating the seeds that came out of the original Shee Seed Launcher. This was changed to provide glucose and glycogen. Created by Spotling.
Ooh, another of my personal favourites! This cob injects a script that will make the sunflowers in the garden and next to the hives edible! Norns just love to eat them! Created by Freya of The Creatures Jungle
Cute little sunny flowers to brighten up Albia! Created by Spirit.
Beautiful violets that will grow anywhere. Created by Spirit.

| Flowers | Herbs | Ornaments | Plants | Trees |

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