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The Toy Shop

Here are lots of fun toys for your norns to enjoy!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Here's LaaLaa! Watch Teletubbies on TV on PBS and visit the Teletubbies website at Collect all four of these annoying little toys! Created by Spotling.
The Lantern is called "bigtoy". Created by Spotling.
This is a really groovy lava lamp, created by SteerPike, that your norns can enjoy and play with!
This Cob is a Life Preserver from the Revenue sloop H.M.S. Tom-Tit. It is permeated with the spirit of Dick Dauntless and other hardy British tars, and is a toy. Created by Martha Brummett
The lucky penny deacreses fear and pain when picked up or pushed. Created by Yuri of The Albanian Shop.
The Norn doll is a toy for Norns and Grendels to make them a bit less lonely, angry, etc., and to remind them to eat food. This is the first COB to do anything neurological. Creatures can squeeze the doll to make it say "mommy" in a Norn voice, or they can kiss it. Created by Lee Gaiteri of The Norn Underground
A norn doll for your C1 norns that looks like a C2 norn! Wow, it's like, you know, seeing into the future! :) Created by Spirit
The Nutcracker Doll is similar to a teddy bear and is called "shower" by the Norns and Grendels. Created by Spotling.
Here's a silly stuffed Penguin! Created by SteerPike.
The Pepper corn launcher. It shoots a series of pepper corns into the air which - due to the effects that pepper has on creatures, causes a mild sneezing effect on the norns it comes in contact with. Created by Ali Maggs of Albia 2000

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