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The Toy Shop

Here are lots of fun toys for your norns to enjoy!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Here's a lovely Conch Shell to pretty up your Albian beaches. Created by Monika.
The Crayfish is called "toy" by the Norns and Grendels. Created by Spotling.
A set of dice to amuse the gamblers among your norns. Created by Eric Leif
A tiny Dilbert Doll that will run madly back and forth when clicked. Created by Jeff D.
All kids love dinosaurs, and so do norns. Created by Monika.
Here's Dipsy! Watch Teletubbies on TV on PBS and visit the Teletubbies website at Created by Spotling.
The Doughboy is a "toy" and is similar to a ball. Created by Spotling.
The Erin Beanie can be injected directly into Albia, i.e., it does not need the Beanie Baby Vendor. It has a different Class Number from the other Beanie Babies, so it has its own Remover.The Erin Beanie Baby is a "shower" object. Created by Spotling.
Bring C2 to your C1 norns with an ettin doll. Created by Bean
This is an Evil Homer Simpson toy for norns. When actived by a norn or the hand, it will play the Evil Homer song. (Some drums, and homer singing 'I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer'.) Created by Rachel
Another of SteerPike's cobs, an >Eyeball that will, despite its freakish appearance, bring pleasure to all your norns!

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