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The Toy Shop

Here are lots of fun toys for your norns to enjoy!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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This firecracker can be "lit" by a norn or by the hand. After the fuse is lit, it will slowly (and noisily) burn down until the firecracker explodes. Created by Brad.
A fun, noisy frisbee for your norns to play with. Watch they don't hurt themselves rescuing it from the roof of the incubator room. Created by Helen
A Halloween Pack chock full of goodies and halloween surprises! Created by Darcie Clements
The Gameboy will keep even the pickiest norn amused. Created by Bean.
The Garlands are similar to the Christmas decorations in the 1997 Christmas Pack from CyberLife. Read the notepad file that accompanies this cob to see all the other goodies that come in this neat pack! Created by Spotling.
The Grendel Doll is similar to a teddy bear and is called "shower" by the Norns and Grendels. Created by Spotling.
This plush Grendle Doll will sooth Norns by decreasing lonliness and boredom as well a little sleepy too :) Created by Ali Maggs of Albia 2000
The Gumby Doll is a "Shower" object. Created by Spotling.
Here's a cute human doll for your norns to play with. Created by Helen
A kind of stunt kite for CREATURES! Activate the kite by clicking on it. Created by Stefan Kuske

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