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Time for dinner! What'll you choose for tonights menu?
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Baby Food
This baby food, which looks similar to what can be found in Albia, will give your baby norns extra nutrients. Created by Chris Aliotta
Eee! Allow your norns to indulge in cannibalism with this breaded hatchling norn! Unknown author.
A huge burger to satisfy those constantly starving norns. Created by Helen
The cheeseburger will definitely fulfil Albia's greasy food quota! Created by Pingz.
Ever wonder where those little hunks of cheese come from? Here's the rest of the cheese wheel! Created by Helen
Like cheese? Here's lot's and lot's of cheese! It's the same cheese you know and love, but a great long string of it is installed in the cellar. Created by Spotling.
Atchoo! Got the sniffles? This chicken soup will make your norns feel a warm and fuzzy inside. Created by Lee Gaiteri of the Norn Underground
A massive club sandwich, if those burgers just weren't enough! Created by Pingz.
Mmm! A delicious, homemade country-style supper. Just like mum makes! Created by Spirit.
Some creepy head cheese, which is more nutritious than carrots, but less nutritious than cheese. Created by RudeDog.
Good old pizza is sure to satisfy your teenage norns! Created by Darcie Clements.
Ah, the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich! And no peanut allergies to boot! Created by Spotling.
Mmm, my favourite: spaghetti! Just the way nona makes it! Created by Stefan Kuske.
It looks like that icky 'meat', spam, is even available for norns. Ick. Created by RudeDog.
Every norn should start the day off with a good breakfast. Here's a pack of assorted toasted breads. Created by Spotling.

| Fruits and Veggies | Meals | Drinks | Desserts | Vendors |

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