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The Produce Aisle

Fruits and Veggies help fight infections, and prevent them from even occuring too. Plus, they're too tasty to pass up!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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A tasty green apple which is an excellent source of vitamin C. Created by Stefan Kuske
Healthy bunch of bananas to munch. Unknown author.
The cherry is a tasty fruit that gives your norn a big Reward boost. Created by Matthew Hayes of the Norn and Grendle Worldsite
The hyper orange will not only decrease hunger, it will increase a norn's life force. Created by Daniel Smallman
The kumquat, a.k.a. "Hyper Citrus", will lower 'bad' drives and increase good ones. Created by Sparrow
The lime is fun, green version of its mate, the lemon. Author unknown.
The orange adds some variety to your norn's lunch. Created by Helen
A yummy orange half, if you haven't got enough oranges in your Albia! Created by Spirit.
A pretty-looking rosy red apple, that will surely keep the doctor away! Created by Helen
A tasty basket of strawberries. Mmm, all you need is cream! Created by Monika.
MMM! Watermelon is a juicy treat you just can't deny your norns! Created by Eagle Woman.


A humourous bouncing cabbage to chase around the garden. Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World
Ooh, the name of this cob just makes me hungry! The cheese-baked potato is sure to water the mouth of many a norn in Albia. Created by Helen
Tasty corn fresh from the cob! Created by Spirit.
Whee! A fun exploding carrot to shock and amaze. Created by SteerPike.
Your norns should get a healthy heaping helping of lettuce each day. Created by Eagle Woman.
*Sniff* Hopefully these onions won't make your norns cry! Created by Dr§mile of Norn Hospital.
Eee! More bouncing vegetables! These bouncing radishes will amuse both you and your norns! Created by Darcie Clements.

| Fruits and Veggies | Meals | Drinks | Desserts | Vendors |

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