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We know what your norns really want... candy! And lots of it!
**These Cobs Have NOT been tested by me personally. Read the README.txt files for information on script conflicts. Remember, you are downloading at your own risk!**

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Baked Goods

A tasty biscuit that is wholesome and takes nine bites to finish! Created by Ibteuimnh
Classic chocolate chip cookies for little norns. Created by Helen
A massively enormous chocholate chip cookie... well, it's big, anways. Created by Pingz
Noisy, yummy crisps (chips, to you North Americans!). Don't get crumbs everywhere! Created by Pingz
Mmm, homemade lemon pie, just like mum makes! Created by Helen
My favourite, pumpkin pie! It comes pre-sliced! Created by Spotling.
Yum! Strawberry cake! Created by Stefan Kuske.
*Smooch!* Celebrate the red and white holiday with a tasty Valentine's Cookie! Created by Spotling.

Just Plain Chocolate!

A satisfying chocolate bar that will surely spoil the dinner of many a norn. ;) Created by Stefan Kuske.
A nice easter-themed cob, the chocolate easter bunny will please all your little norns. Created by Sandra J. G. Linkletter
Ooh! Three premium milk-chocolate candies! Created by Helen
A yummy chocolate egg... hide many, for Easter fun! Author Unknown.

Ice Cream

A delicious banana split! Watch out for ice cream headaches! Created by Spirit.
This >grendle pop packs a powerful punch! It's twice as filling as honey! Created by RudeDog.
Sticky pink iceblocks for hot summer days. Created by Helen
Dee-licious icecream, complete with cherry. Helen
Just when you thought you'd melt from the heat... hear's a icecream, chocolate Mr. Frosty Cone! Created by Spirit.
An all-natural icecream sundae, made with real chocolate! Helen


A candied norn and grendel with no real nutritional value. Created by Matthew Hayes of the Norn and Grendle Worldsite
A spicy (in a good way) candy cane, for the Christmassy feel. Created by Spotling.
A carnival favourite, cotton candy, is sure to be a hit in Albia too. Created by Dr§mile of The Norn Hospital
It's everyone's favourite wiggly dessert! Jello! Created by Bibble of Bibble's Creatures World

| Fruits and Veggies | Meals | Drinks | Desserts | Vendors |

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